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© Copyright 2015, Zen Residences

@ Copyright 2015, Zen Residences

RERA Registration no.: 223 of 2017. Licence no. 16 of 2009, Building Plan Approval: Memo no. ZP-545/AD(RA)/2017/1238. All the approvals can be checked in the office of the Developer. 1 Hectare = 2.471 Acres, 1 Acre = 4840 square yards or 4046.873 square meters: 1 square yard = 0.8361 square meters: 1 square meter = 10.764 square foot. Above images, designs etc. are artistic impression only. All images, designs, perspectives, features, building plans, areas, figures, dimensions, category, services, facilities, specifications, infrastructure etc. are illustrative, tentative, indicative only and the company reserves all the rights to withdraw, vary, modify, amend all/any of these without any notice or on account of govt. norms/directions.